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Titanic- Sterling

Titanic....Final Days, Final Project

I have arrived upon the masive vesle, a buity she is. Amazed when I looked up at the Golded chandlers hanging from the ceiling. I feel as if i have just won the lottery. The luckiest man Alive. Thoe I had to wait longer than exspected. I am still facinated looking at all the starcases and piantings. I am exsperiencing the moment of a life time.

Fighting for my life to survive the disater, all my family has dided. I feel like a child standing at his mothers grave. I could see them sinking in the ocean. I saw a man jump into the water and save them but he never returned. All I have left is my dog. We saw a boat with a little people inside. Joughin was a chef and took a lot of whisky during the trip and this attributed to his survival on the icy waters. (website)

On the fateful night of April 14, 1912, at around 11:40 pm, the Titanic was sailing about 400 miles or 640 kilometers south of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, when the ship struck an iceberg and waters started to flood in furiously. (website). Around him everyone breathed two words, "She's gone." (ch.11). Sinking down to the ocean floor, Must find a life boat to survive. 25 hundred miles away from land. "temperatures of the waters were at a record low of 28 degrees Fahrenheit" (website). We have nothing left. Feeling petrified, the end of my life is near. Gamble for survival. By 4.10 am came the the RMS Carpathia arrived at the site of the disaster and began to rescue survivors. (website).

On the docks feeling blissed and like a loved one has just awaked from a deep coma. Suddenly, feeling like I have nothing . The first-class passengers totaled to about 330 in number and of these only about 200 survived. (website). My whole family has passed and I am the only one left. I have expirence the most horiphying thing that is possible. Like going into a ghost town with a serrial killer inside. About to murder us all.





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