Titanic Disaster

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Titanic Disaster

Here is titanic when the first discovered it under Atlantic Ocean surfice.

Scientist taking photos of the Titanic.

Titanic happened April 15,1912.Titanic hit an iceberg on the left side,it left a big enough hole for water to sink the Titanic.Iceberg that they hit was about 50ft long.So much preasure of the water started to fill up rooms,and floors. As soon as the Titanic sank passengers were in the unbearable cold water.Most of the passengers got on life boats but there were not that many.Some passenger were on life boats such as children or mothers.All they could do is watch the others suffer in the water. Children did die before reaching land,some died of sickness.There were not that many to tell the story of this tradegy.After the Titanic some bodies were never discovered or found in the water or the Titanic.

Titanic weighed 52,310 tons.Titanic was the biggest ship ever made and sailed on the Atlantic Ocean.The passengers that died was 1,310 people of the cold and freezing water.

Researchers finding out the how long titanic was,(289)ft long.

Titanic Disaster

Titanic set sail April 14,1912.Titanic sank April 15,1912.


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