Titanic Aftermath

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Titanic Aftermath

Of the some 1,316 passengers along for the journey, 706 passengers(60% - first class40% - second class25% - third class)survived. Only 55 of the survivors where children, all but one where first class passengers aboard the ship.

The ship broke into two halfs causing a pull of water that dragged many under. Out 850 people that were taken on lifeboats, 705 survived the long wait for rescue ships. 145 were left at sea, or died from disease spread amoung the small boats.

The titanic is still impacting people nearly 100 years later, and counting. It was found more than 3miles beneath the surface and is still revealing facts that are unraveling a story about the night the great accidental wreak happened...

Aftermath of the Titanic

The eight-hundred eighty-two foot, nine inch, $7.5 million dollar boat sunk, in only two hours and fourty minutes. They criticts roared about the so called, "unsinkableship" sinking!

While many people lost someone they love, clothes, items, or even had a large emotional toll, some gained from this horriffic moment that would go down in history. Some ended up keeping the story around, some can pass it down for generations, and some even wrote a book to tell their tale about what happened on that night.

The titanic struck an iceburg causing many deaths, losses, memories, stories, tears, injuries, and much more.

There was many things done after the disaster to bring a better feel to the moments after.A moment of silence over the spot estimated the titanic went down, as a momrial to mommemorate thoes who had lost their lives that night. There were prayers heard form all over the world sent in to the press.

The Titanic soon became the most well known ship, and ship-wreak in America.


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