[2015] Ethan Wilson (Rabe 15-16): Titanic

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[2015] Ethan Wilson (Rabe 15-16): Titanic

Safety at this time was nothing but an illusion to me, a first class Titanic passenger. I celeberated prior to my doom. (Ch 3)In addition I was atually foolish enough to not even question the Titanic I called a safe place. (Ch 10)

a scene on the stage. We were hit by an iceberg. We were in the midst of a field of ice; towers of ice; fantastic shapes of ice. It is all photographed on my mind. There was no panic. Every one met death with composure---as, one said, the passengers were a set of thoroughbreds."We are moving slowly toward New York. Everyone on this boat is so kind to us. Clothing and all the necessaries are at our convenience. I am attired in my old blue serge, a steamer hat; truth to tell, I am a sorry looking object to land in New York. This is rather a mixed up epistle, but please pardon lack of clearness of expression. If you want me, some time I will come to Philadelphia for a day or two in the future."With dear love,"ALICE J. LEEDER."

In reality I was being lowered down to the watery depths of the ocean. I scrambled to get some of my small but needed belongings, and charged to the upper decks, but I was too late the crew members had already blocked all the exits and only let the women and children out first (Ch8).With little chance of survival I searched for another way out only finding an open window...

After jumping out the window I felt as the water itself would kill me due to the exposure (Webpage)/(Ch 10). After 6 hours of freezing on a boat I was rescued by another ship (Ch13). This would certianally become my most feared trauma, however I can't complian, after all I did make it to the Titanic survivor list, it could have been a lot worse (Webpage).




Titanic....Final Days, Final Project

This represents Rebuilding Our Lives


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