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Titanic....Final Days, Final Project

The ship was gigantic! The lights, the people! Everything was grand! (Chpt.1) I stood holding my parents hands as I looked up filled with wonder and dreams. My parents seemed astonished as well and we all waited impatiently to board the ship. Then, finally, after all our waiting, we took a big step onto the ship.It felt as if I was going skydiving! But little did we know we would all become part of the profound legacy of the Titanic tradgedy.

As we step aboard the ship I feel a sense of happiness overwhelm me. I am shaking as my family is led to our cabin of the ship. We climb the stairs to the first class cabins! As we push open the door I see the most beautiful room I have ever seen. (Chpt.2) I feel like I'm juming out of a plane! Flying around the sky with my family. This is the best part of my journey.

It was about 9:25pm when my parents went to a celebration of the captain. (Chpt.3) I was left alone to sleep. In the middle of the night around 11:40pm I heard shouts of "We're goin' down!" and "We're doomed!". (Chpt.3) My head was spinning as my parents ran in and grabbed me. We ran to the lifeboats and got a huge shock. Only women and children were being let on. (Chpt.9) I was skydiving but my parachute wouldn't open.

My mother and I shared terrified faces. We hugged my father goodbye and stepped into the boat. We were the last in our boat so as sson as we sat they lowered us. As we reached the freezing water of 28 degrees we huddled together. ("Titanic Survivor Stories") We sat and wached as the boat went nose-up and then sank. We shivered in the freezing water with the other passengers waiting for another ship to pick us up. My parachute didn't open and I've fallen on my face.





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