[2015] Nick Christner (Rabe 15-16): Titanic

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[2015] Nick Christner (Rabe 15-16): Titanic

Titanic....Final Days, Final Project

Finally abord the RMS Titanic-class ocean liner. Oh what a treat! I got the chance to attend beutiful concerts and fine dine in the amazing dining room!(Ch. 8). These past few days have been great, but we are currently in a little tiff.I'm sure its nothing big, right?(Ch. 9).

Titanic footage and Survivor Interviews from this video really show the intensity of the disaster

I payed to take a beutiful trip across the Atlantic but its taken a sharp turn. Who created this mess!? I was out for another nice supper and then rockets flared out the window! (Ch. 9) Next thing I know they are putting us on lifeboats and sending us off. Whoever ruined this voyage and made us all suffer needs to pay. (Ch. 9).

Once I boarded the lifeboat I was definitaly not yet safe. In fact Among the 711 passengers and crew rescued by Carpathia, six passengers inluding a first-class passenger named William F. Hoyt, either died in a lifeboat, though it is not clear whether they died in the night or in the next morning. Nevertheless, they were buried at sea. What a luxorious time that turned quickly into a nightmare (Titanic Wiki/ Ch. 9).





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