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Titanic....Final Days, Final Project

April 14, 1912. 5:00 P.M.I just came back to my cabin to write in my journal. I'm going to go back out and play with my friends for another two hours before I have to sit around and listen to boring parents talk and have dinner. Can't waste time, I have to play!

April 14, 1912. 9:30 P.M.I'm about to go to bed for two reasons: one, I'm tired from having fun, two, I'm tired from dinner. The food was pretty good though. I don't really know what I had but it tasted kind of like steak. Actually I think it was a peice of sirloin (CH 2.) Well, I'll write again in the morning.

April 14, 1912. 11:40I'm not sure what's happening right now but I heard a loud scraping sound like a fork being scratched on a plate. But 100 times worse (CH 5: "long, grinding sound".) I see ice on the ship. At this point, I'm not sure what happened. Maybe it was a giant sea monster, or maybe a ten ton sloth. I'm going to find out what happened.

April 19, 1912. 9;25 P.M.It was an iceberg. A growler (CH 3: ..."really the worst form of ice berg...larger berg melted down...) The ship sank. My father was able to jump into the lifeboat we took because it was one of the last lifeboats. My dad was cold though so we had to give him some whiskey (website.) All the women and children had already escaped (so me, my mom, and my dad escaped. We lost everything though. I wonder if any of my friends made it. I'm going to leave the ship in a few minutes. I might write when I'm not depressed.




By: Reece Williams.Age: 11Group: Second Class


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