[2015] Rayna Mehta (Rabe 15-16): Titanic

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[2015] Rayna Mehta (Rabe 15-16): Titanic

Titanic....Final Days, Final Project

As I was getting ready for bed, sounds of joy filled my mind. Heading over for my pajamas. "It was indeed a night for bed, warmth, and cozy thoughts of home and firesides...." (Chpt. 3) After partying with new peers, I felt like nothing could go wrong since I am trying to prove myself as a mature adult. A deep sigh crossed my mind and I heard voices around me telling me to join the party again. But, I was in a more serene mood. In my mind, I was reflecting back at the pictures of me and I was wondering of what became of me?

"After their stroll on deck, first class passengers could come in throught the first class entrance and descend the gorgeous, sweeping grand staircase. This spectacular twenty0foot-wide was the first class entrance hall...." (Chpt. 2) It was like in a palace, welcoming crew members, gigantic halls, what more can I ask for? Although, this was a dream come true, I wish I had family with me. 2 brothers and 1 sister, no parents. I miss my beautful girly, Jessie. She was the nicest sissy ever.

'I reported it as soon as I ever seen it, I reported an iceberg right ahead.' (Chpt 4) Soon, the news spread about the ship hitting the iceberg. Passengers from the lower deck were moved to the upper deck. The force of the water gushing into the ship was frightful. I rushed outside checking and saw that people were lined up to get into small lifeboats because of the impending doom. It was frigid cold and my teeth were chattering constantly. The hope leaving me as I visioned death due to hypothermia. "....down below in Boiler Room 6, was started by a noise like thunder." (Chpt 5) Most of the male passengers in the second class perished with records showing that about 92% of all men in the second class perished. It is also cited that more Britons than Americans died and this could have been so because the Britons were cool and rather queued and waited than forcing their elbows to the gain entry to the lifeboats. (Website).

Finally made it to New Harbor. After days of starvation and visioning the worse tragedy, I saw a chance of hope left in my life. I glanced through the tall, white buildings and people working, talking and chatting. What I left behind was a sad story of the wonderful people that died during this harship. Though I didn’t know them personally, I will always feel connected to the pain they endured whether they made it alive or not. This will stay with me until my last breath. "At 3:am in the North Atlantic it was dark and terribly lonely. The moonless sky was peppered with brilliant stars. But the immense canopy above only reminded the shocked survivors oh how small and vulnerable they were." (Chpt 12),




By:Rayna Mehta


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