[2015] Taylor Hurrell: Titanic

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[2015] Taylor Hurrell: Titanic

The Sinking Of The R.M.S. Titanic

April 15, 191211:40 PM-2:20 AM

A british passenger liner, the largest ship in the world when it was built and supposedly unsinkable, that struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic on its Maiden Voyage in April 1912 and sank.

North Atlantic Ocean 400 Miles south of Newfoundland, Canada

-Length: 882.75 feet-Width (beam): 92.5 feet-Height: 175 feet-Weight: 46,000 tons-3 propellors-4 smokestacks-29 boilers-Foreward Mast Height: 101.5 feet-Aft Main Mast Hieght: 97.5 feet-Engines: 2 triple expansion and 1 turbine

What Happened?-More than 1,500 people died in total most from hypothermia in the 28 degree water-The ship broke into 2 sections-Sank in less than 3 hours after hitting the iceberg-Iceberg punched holes in the Titanics side-6 watertight compartments had been opened up to the sea-None of the crew members loading coal into the ship survived-poped rivits and burst seams sealed the ships fate-only 705 people on the ship survived-By 2:05 AM, the entire bow of the ship was under water-Only 5 people who Jumped in the water survived

Preparing for A Disaster- Slow down the ship once you are warned about ice- Keep an extra pair of binoculars on the ship to be able to see obsticles ahead of you- Have enough life boats and extras for every passenger on the ship i case of emergency- Have another ship nearby to respond to your ships distress calls-Fill all the lifeboats to theiir maximum capicty especiallly when you know you don't have enough

Survival- Get in a lifeboat quickly and row away-Always wear a life vest-Carry a flare gun to alert nearby boats-Stay calm and act quickly- Listen to the ship crew, believe and do what they say

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