[2015] Roman Torrilhoon (Rabe 15-16): Titanic

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[2015] Roman Torrilhoon (Rabe 15-16): Titanic

Titanic....Final Days, Final Project

The ship was massive and magnificent. The partys on the titanic were amazing with the first class saloon and the 4oo light bulbs. Even the Crystal and china that embelished the tables. (Chpt3) It felt like I had my first at bat in the major leageas. .

That night was a very fateful night. I remember It was a fun night. I was partying with my parents. and other adults. I found out later that we struck the iceberg during the party but no one noticed. (chpt 5)Right after the party I went to the swimming bath. Thats where I learned that we had struck the ice berg.

When I first heard the news that we had hit I was in the "swimming bath"(chpt 3). I heard someone yell "Hard-A-Starboard"(chpt4). Thats when I knew something had gone wrong. I rushed out of the pool and dried off. As I sprinted to the deck I saw passengers just milling around. They must not have known When I reached the deck, I stared out in disbelief. Both deck E and F were submerged.(chpt 5)

I had jumped on to one of the few life boats left. We had about forty people in the boat. While I was in the lifeboat I could see peope reaching and grabbing at my boat. Even with all of this happening, I was thinking that I wasted $4,350 to end up in the freezing cold sea.(admin) I had stepped up to the plate and struck out.





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