Tisha Petree Witch of Blackbird Pond

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Language Arts

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Tisha Petree Witch of Blackbird Pond

Integrating Social Studies and Language Arts using Critical Thinking Skills

King James I

Puritan Chores

1. Students will learn how to evaluate information for its reliability. 2. Students will evaluate Kit's problem solving skills, consequences of her actions, and the effectiveness of her solutions. 3. Students will analyze the way of life of the Puritans of New England compared to their own way of life.

Salen Witch Trials

Map of New English circa 1650

Research the Charter and then survey classmate, parents, faculty, and community member to write a Classroom Charter which states the rights and responsibilities of the students

Group discussion panel. Each group will present the results of their discussion to the class.Group 1 : What events in the book reflect what Colonial New England was really like?Group 2 : How important is freedom, especially the freedom of religion? Group 3 : How do we evaluate the reliability of a source? Why is this necessary?Group 3 : Why was it so important to guard the charter? Group 4 : How does modern life compare to Colonial New England?


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