Tips to Prevent RSI

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Tips to Prevent RSI

Fast Facts- Stands for Repetitive Stress Injury- Prolonged repetitive, forceful, or awkward hand movements -Three primary risk factors are poor posture, poor technique, and overuse- Take often breaks, stretch, and just relax your muscles to help- If RSI occurs, try to contact a good doctor or physical therapist

Tips to Prevent RSI

How to PreventFeet: flat on the floorKnees: directly over feet, bent at right anlges (or slightly greater), with a couple inches of space from the chairPelvis: rocked forward, sitting on the "sitz bones," with hips (the sockets where your femurs attach) positioned no lower than, and perhaps slightly higher than the knees.Lower back: arched in, and possibly supported by your chair or a towel roll.Upper back: naturally roundedShoulders, arms: relaxed, at side.Neck: arched in, relaxed, supported by spine. Be careful not to hold tension in back or under chin.Head: balancing gently on top of spine.TAKE BREAKS!


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