Tiny Titans, Card Pickup

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Tiny Titans, Card Pickup

Tiny Titans

Report Card Pickup!

The tiny titans are picking up their school report cards with their super hero parents. What would your super power be and what would you get on your report card?

The Tiny Titans take you on four different adventures.

Starfire thinks that Blue Beetle is sad because he is blue. Find out how she makes him less blue. Does it make him feel any better?

Robin gets invited to Joker's birthday party. Is it a joke? a trap? or is Joker being nice?

When Bumblebee and Cassie begin to research for a butterfly report they find more than they are looking for inside the pages of a book.

Report Card Pickup

You should read this. It is funny if you like superheros and know their powers.

Happy Feeling Blue

Jokes on You

Book Smarts

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