[2016] Mikey Crispino: Tin Pan Alley

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[2016] Mikey Crispino: Tin Pan Alley

Tin Pan Alley

Questions 6-10What were some common subjects of Tin Pan Alley songs?- White Christmas was about Christmas day being snowy (white) God bless America is about what is sounds like- God blessing americaWho were the target audiences for these songs?-Everybdy was the target audiences.Name at least three artists from this era and why they were important.- Scott Joplin, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin. These composers all made very popular songs.Name at least one song from these artists, listen to it and describe it.-Maple Leaf Rag-This song is upbeat and joyful. Can we still see and hear this music today?-Of course we can still hear this music today, we have youtube.

Quesions 1-5What was Tin Palley?-Tin Pan Alley was the nickname for the street where many music publishers worked during the period of time between 1880-1953. Where was it located?-Tin Pan Alley was located between West 28th Street in Broadway and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.Where did it take place?-Tan Pan Alley took place between 1880 and 1953What was the function of the publishing companies in this period?- The publishing companys would buy popular songs and give themselve credit for showing the songs to other people.How did music publishers effect musicians and the music industry?-The publishing companys would add energy to the music industry. They would also make small-town musicians songs more popularCopyright laws would assure for the original musicians.

George Gershwin

Scott Joplin

Fats Waller

George M. Cohan

Irving Berlin


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