Tim's History of Technology

by salmol
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Tim's History of Technology

Tim's History of Technology

Technology has played a role in our lives in one form or another. I have arranged the history of technology's development to coincide with it's role in my own life.

Time Line

Early Life


As a child my grandfather would type papers on his typerwriter for the grandchildren. Before word-processors, This was the only typing machine our family owned.

After years of shopping in stores, my family, friends, and I turned to the internet to shop for specific items such as music, movies and clothes.

In 1999 I purchaed a DVD player for myself and one for each of my two best friends. The Eurythmics Video Collection was my first DVD.

Grade School Years


High School Years


College Years

Present Time





T.V. / Media Format

Music / Media Format

Boombox Commercial

8-track Commercial

In Christmas of 1986, our family purchased it's first VHS player. In 1990 I purchaed a laserdisc player for myself.

My famiuly had two televisions, one color tv in the living room and a black and white tv in the kitchen. We got cable the first year it was offered to us.

As a child, my family only had three phones in the house. We had one in the kitchen, one in the hallway, and one in my parents bedroom.

After the Apple IIc, which was basically a word processor and spread-sheet computer, the first internet access computer our family owned was a typical desktop computer.

My sister had the first mobile phone in my family. It was the size of a lunch box and had a cord attached from the base to the headset, and plugged into the car's lighter.

I got my first smart-phone in August of 2012. The flexibilty of my phone's capability has allowed my curious mind to answer it's immediate demands.

Self-check out has become my preferred choice when given the option. This meathod of checking out has become standard in most large chain stores.

Flat Screen



Flip Phone


Internet Commercial

My first cell-phone was a flip-phone. The creen simply displayed the number dialed, and text was just being introduced at this point. my mother still preferrs this style of phone.



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