Timothy King Cobra

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Timothy King Cobra

King Cobra

A King cobra has enough venom to kill 20 40-year-old grown men or a full grown elephant.

King cobras hold three feet of there hight in the air well they are slithering around.they are about always around five to six feet in length.

KIng Cobras also spit venom.If it gets on you you will be poisoned as if it bit you you will have a longer time period before you die then you would if you got bit.

King Cobras When King Cobras hunt they sneak up to there prey then they whate until they have a good place where they want to bite them thenthey bite. King Cbras have a forked toung -forked means that they have a tongue kind of shaped like a two pointed fork So tit gives them a better hiss. The King Cobra is a kind of a good creater but they can also be vicious they also fight with other snakes. King Cobras are mostly found in Australa and Africa.

By:Timmy Martinez


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