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Times in Spain

By Carlos M., Irene F., Víctor, Juan Carlos, Alejandro, Irene L., Sandra and Alicia.

Juan Carlos talks about opening hours for shops in Spain

Irene and Víctor talk about a Spanish tradition: the "siesta"

Alejandro and Carlos about eating times in Spain

Sandra, Irene and Alicia tell you about working hours in Spain

Normally we have lunch at around 2 or 3 p.m. in Spain. Lunch is the most important meal of the day, and also the biggest. It consists of 2 main courses and a dessert. A typical lunch on a Sunday could be paella in the summer or cocido in the winter, the traditional stew in Madrid. We don’t normally eat so much for dinner, but we have it very late, around half past nine or ten at night. We usually eat fish or meat for dinner, or something light like a salad, and we go to bed at around eleven or twelve. Between lunch and dinner, right after school, most children have la merienda , that is a snack which consists of some cookies, fruit, a milkshake or a proper sandwich with ham and cheese or chorizo, red Spanish sausage, it’s delicious!

In spite of our bad reputation, in Spain people normally work very long hours. A lot of people in offices work from 9 to 6 or 7, with an hour break at midday for lunch, that is the most important meal of the day for Spaniards. People who work in banks and for the government are the luckiest, as they finish at around 2 or 3!It is very common for people to do overtime, especially in offices, but they are not always paid.

Siesta is a Spanish word and invention, which is actually a long nap that people take after having lunch. A proper siesta can be 2 hours long and normally people have them at the weekend. It is something very traditional here, and my grandfather likes to have his siesta after a big lunch, normally on his sofa and watching a wildlife documentary on channel 2 …they are so relaxing!We normally have a siesta in summer time , when it is too hot outside right after lunch, and it feels really good!

In winter, shops in Spain open at 9.30 in the morning and close at 8.30, but in the summer they open at 10 and close at around 10. At midday shops close for lunch also, from 2 to 5, to have a proper long lunch and a siesta if you can!Bars are normally open very early in the morning for breakfast (at 7 or 8) and they stay open all day long until 12 at midnight or until the last customers leave!Nightclubs open at 12 o’clock at midnight, and young people can go clubbing until 6 or 7 o’clock , that’s why Spain is so famous for its nightlife and parties!


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