Timeline Of Trade With The East

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Timeline Of Trade With The East

Timeline of Trade with the East

The Portuguese were also the first Europeans to reach China by sea. In 1514, nearly 300 years after Marco Polo and his brother left Italy and crossed the Gobi Desert to reach China by land, Portuguese navigators successfully made the journey by sea.

Vasco da Gama found a sea route to Calicut but could not established a colony.


When the Portuguese first reached Japan in 1543, the island nation was ruled by a group of powerful warlords called shoguns. The shoguns welcomed the Portuguese. Spanish and Dutch traders soon followed and were also welcomed. Jesuit missionaries traveled to Japan as well. They had more success in Japan than they had in China: 300,000 Japanese converted to the new religion.

Throughout most of the early and mid-1600s, the Dutch fought a long conflict with Spain that included a struggle to control the increasingly valuable trade with Asia. Since Portugal was united with Spain during this period, the Dutch East India Company attacked and seized many of the Portuguese colonies in Africa and India. In the meantime, Spain increased its wealth and power by founding colonies in the Philippines as well as North and South America.

After Portugal’s success, other explorers soon followed. Traders from the Dutch Empire banded together to form the Dutch East India Company in 1602. This organization quickly became a powerful force in Asia, establishing colonial outposts and trading centers in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Japan.








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