Timeline of the Roman Republic

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Timeline of the Roman Republic



Cicero and Pompey are add on to their territory. Marius advances into western Numidia. Bocchus of Mauretania surrenders Jughurta to Sulla.


historical founding of Rome

start of the first ever iron age. The Prisci Latini migrate to Italy from the Danube region.

390 (or 387!)


First Macedoni-an War occurs

First Punic War: Rome comes to defend the Greek cities in Sicily against Carthage


Pyrrhus returns to Italy but is defeated near Malventum and leaves Italy and never returns.

Timeline of the Roman Republic





287 Lex Hortensia: conflict between social orders placated by conceding same voting rights to all

Romans were defeated by the Gauls under Brennus at the Battle of Allia. Gauls "sack" Rome, only the Capitol was defended by the citizenry

Rioting in Rome occurs. Battle of Carrhae: Roman army defeated by the Parthians', Crassus killed, the Roman army standards are taken as booty

a Social War between Rome and its Italian allies occurs

-since rome was located near the water they had a srong navy.- the term Classical Civilization means an ancient civilaztion that took place during a classical period. rome is considered a clasical civilation because it took place during this period.-part of rome was a dictaorship and another part was some what democartic. some important leaders were Caesar and augusts. they mantained the order by border control and expantion._ Rome trade through water and land routes-some lasting legacies were the gladators and the colosseum.-rome was a polytheistic country and the people chose who they worshiped.

-what made rome unque was the colosseum and the fights that took pace in there.-In 476 C.E. Romulus, the last eperor of rome in the west, was overthrown by the Germanic leader Odoacer, who was the first Barbarian to rule in Rome.

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