Timeline of Electicity and Magnetism

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Timeline of Electicity and Magnetism

Timeline of Electricity and Magnetism By Sydney Volwiler

Newton's experiments with light shows that each color bends at a slightly different angle, creating the rectangular lineup.


Newton creates a reflecting telescope with a curved mirror which solves the problem of blur and turns out to be more powerful


Roemer rethinks Galileos experiment and comes up with the breakthrough measurement of the speed of light.


Previous experiments with static electricity lead to the invention of the leyden jar, which stores static electric charges so they can be used at will.


"Volta pile" gives scientists a reliable source of electric power. Instead of rushing out all at once, it flows steadily. Volta invents the phrase "electric current".

An experiment with an electric charge from the Leyden jar crosses the Thames River on a piece of wire. This demonstrates that electricity needs a circuit in order to flow.



Farady does an experiment with a magnet and electric coil. When the magnet and the electric coil are moved toward each other or away from each other, electric current is produced. He forms an efficient way to create electrical current.

Farady states that light is radiation and it travels as vibrations in fields, which is the basis of the invention of electric lights, television and much more.

Jean-Bernard- Leon Focault does an experiment with a pendulum that showed it was the earth rotating under the pendulum. He also came up with the mathematical formula to explain the action of the pendulum.




James Maxwell shows with mathematical formulas that electricity and magnetism do not exist in isolation from each other. He links these two ideas through four formulas called "Maxwell's Equations"




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