Timeline of Ancient Egypt

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Timeline of Ancient Egypt

Assyrians attack and take control of the empire. Control won't return to Egyptian kings until 653 BC.

The largest of the Giza Pyramids is 455 feet tall!

The Old Kingdom begins due to advances in agriculture, art, and technology. The Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx were built during this time.

Timeline of Ancient Egypt

3100 BC

2686 BC

2134 BC

1674 BC

1549 BC

671 BC

332 BC

Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Menes, the first official ruler of the empire.

The beginning of the Middle Kingdom is here.

The Hyskos take control of Egypt, forcing themselves onto the throne as Pharoah.

The Egyptian government finally takes control back from the Hyskos, prompting the beginning of the New Kingdom era.

The Egyptians are known for using horse-drawn chariots in battle; a technology used by the Hyskos.

Greek ruler Alexander the Great conquers Egypt, making it part of the Greek empire.

Observe the differences in art style between the Middle Kingdom and Ptolemaic (Greek) era.

Middle Kingdom

Ptolemaic era


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