Timeless Thomas Book Report

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Timeless Thomas Book Report

Glogster by: Nicole Marshall

Timeless Thomas: How Thomas Edison Changed Our LivesBy: Gene Barretta

This a non-fictional biography about the inventor, Thomas Alva Edison. With fun illustrations and interesting facts, this book is geared towards teaching young children the amazing things that Edison has accomplished and how it affects their lives today. Many of the pages compare what Edison invented to the things we do with those inventions, such as making movies and recording our sounds and voices.


This book connects to the social studies themes of history. It shows students the huge impact that Edison has made during his lifetime.


The students are able to make connections between things they use everyday and the invetions of Thomas Edison.

Text-Self Connection

The book is very wordy and tends to lose students during reading making comprehension difficult.


Timeless Thomas does a great job of showing children that history did not just affect the past, but what happened in the past still currently affects them in their lives.



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