Time to tell time to the minute

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Time to tell time to the minute

Time to tell timeto the minuteFollow the steps around the clock

Step 5Take your completed worksheet to your teacher. Then return to the Webquest page.

Step 4It's time to practice drawing the hour hand and minute hand on a clock face. Click the image to the left and print one copy each to complete the activity.

Step 2Let's practice telling time to the mninuteREAD THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRSTHow to playFirst click playNow that you are ready to tell time to minute intervals choose Advanced and press start The game screen will display a time and you need to move the clock hands to show the correct time. Move the hands by first clicking on the hour button and then the number on the clock face you would like the hour to move to. Then click on the minute button followed by the number or hash you would like the minute hand on. Then click next problem Please DO NOT print a certificate. See how many you can complete correctly in each two minute game. Challenge your partner, play three games each and see who can score the most.

Step 1First let's watch a video.

Step 3Now let's practice drawing the hour and minute hands on an anolgue clock face.We'll watch this video to see how it's done.

Step 2Investigate time by moving the hands on the clock by clicking on the minute +.and - buttons. Notice how the time on the anolgue clock face matches the digital clock. What else do you notice about the length of the clock hands? What happens to the hour hand as you move the minute hand around the clock?


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