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Time to stop...


Impaired driving is hazardous and is one of the main reasons for the thousands of crashes that occur every year. The effects of alcohol include blurred or double vision, impaired attention and slowed reflexes . Not only are you risking your life nonetheless, you are highly risking the lives of other on the road changing them forever. Long before you feel drunk or even act drunk, the skills and abilities that you need to drive a vehicle safely can be impaired. Therefore it is TIME TO STOP.

Impaired driving is the act of operating or having care of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. It continues to take a deadly toll on our raods. Although many organizations are putting every effort to warn against impaired driving nonetheless it is a personal choice that each and everyone should take


Time to stop.....

Why ?

FACT 1: one in every 8 deaths and injuries in road crashes is a teenager. FACT 2: two out of every five teens killed on the road have been drinking.FACT 3: On average, 42 people in BC are killed each summer in crashes involving impaired driving


Your choice has an impact

In conclusion always think before getting behind the wheel while being impaired inorder to prevent any fatal crashes or injuries. Besides, think about the impact you will leave on the families of the victims. Finally don't forget, it is never too late to fix things nonetheless always learn from your mistakes and never take saftey for granted......



Some of the Strategies to prevent impaired driving are firstly, if you are planning to drink alchol at a party, leave your keys behind, either at home or with a trusted family member. Secondly, you could Keep a taxi service on hold. If you have nobody to pick you up, opt for a taxi driver. Finally, yet importantly, keep somebody from you family imformed about your "whereabouts".


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