Time to Part

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Time to Part

Time To PartBy: Maddy Boeder

Thomas PaineThomas Paine was born February 9, 1737 in Thetford, United Kingdom. He was an English-American immigrant who decided it was time to part from Britain and declare independence. He went to school at Thetford Grammar School during the time period of 1744–1749. There he learned how to read, write, and spell properly. This was a great advantage for when it was time to write the Declaration of Independence. After the Declaration was written in 1776, Thomas had a sad death in New York City. The date of this tragety was June 8, 1809.

Time To Part Was it time for the 13 colonies to part from Britain? An immigrant named Thomas Paine insisted it was. In 1776 he published a panphlet called Common Sense to prove it was time to part. In June a member of the congress named Henry Richard Lee took a bold step and said that it should be time to part from Britain. It was there and then that the congress decided to draft a group of writers named Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Thomas Jefferson. Adams met his partners in this project he beleived that Jefferson should write the Declaration because he was a more skilled writer than the rest after a short arguement the declaration has begun to be made.

Fun Fact!Did you know that Thomas Jefferson had fake teeth carved out of walrus and elephant tusks?

Thomas Jefferson

Roger Sherman

Benjamin Franklin

John Adams

Thomas Paine


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