Time line of manned space exploration

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Time line of manned space exploration

Time line of manned space exploration

Time Line


Mouse sent into space

vocabulary: 1.zero gravity: when there is no gravitational pull to keep one from falling/floating.Ozone:Ozone, or trioxygen, is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula O 3. It is a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent slmell found in the atmosphere,(ozone3.water: A molecule of Hydrogen and Oxygen necessary to all known life4.astronaut : A trained Person who works in or relating to space5.Sun: A star in yellow color that provides heat for the only known planet with life, Earth6. Atmosphere: A cloak of gas that surrounds a planet, gas giant have a very thick atmosphere, while ours is 7.solar system: The system of eight planets and one star (the sun) of which we orbit8. Earths magnetic field:an electric current or moving charged current moving against another9. Space walk: activity done outside of the spacecraft10.Magnetosphere:the region surrounding the earth or another astronomical body in which its magnetic field is the predominant effective magnetic field.

Zero gravity affects the spine, making some people two and a half inches taller. The immune system is also weakened by zero gravity, making some astrnauts get chickenpox. Some drugs lost their potency in space, like antibiotics.

the first object in interstellar space was voyager one. In april, 2012, it passed our solor system. While in the 40's, the first fruit flys were sent to space.

mars One is a mission that is set on people living on Mars. It will happen in 2023.

When back down on Earth, astronauts often suffer bone loss because of a lack of gravity, the body excretes calcium. They can also suffer from low blood pressure.


Sputnik 1, first man in space


First manned moon exploration



First Saturn fly by

First man made object in interstellar space

In space, your muscles shrink. This means your heart shrinks , and it doesnt have to pump bloog as much. In gravity, the heart has to work hard to keep blood in the head, but in space, it rushes to the head making the eyes bulge sometimes.


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