Time line of Captain Cook

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Time line of Captain Cook

Time Line of Captain Cook

The life events of Captain James Cook.

Time Line

27 Oct 1728

Mr Skottowe pays for young James to attend the nearby Postgate School at Great Ayton. Here Cook learns well, especially arithmetic. On leaving school at the age of about twelve, James works on the farm alongside his father and brother for a while.

After just eighteen months in Staithes, Sanderson recommends the youngster to a Quaker - John Walker of Whitby a shipowner who runs collier vessels to London and the Baltic. Apprenticed to Captain Walker, Cook goes to sea on the 341 ton coal-carrying ship 'Freelove'. Cook lives in the attic of Walker's house in Grape Lane when ashore, where he studies navigation and the use of nautical instruments.

Cook's proficiency in letters and numbers is such that Mr Skottowe obtains a position for him as an assistant in a general dealers shop belonging to Mr. William Sanderson at Staithes. Here he hears tales of the sea and seamanship and soon Sanderson recognises that Cook's interests lie elsewhere than shopkeeping.

James Cook is born the son of a casual farm labourer in a tiny cottage in Marton in Cleveland. His father had married Grace Pace at Stainton in Cleveland in 1725 and between 1727 and 1745 they have eight children, four dying in infancy. The eldest, John, is to die later aged just 23 and only James and two sisters Christiana and Margaret live through to adulthood.

With the opportunity of full-time employment the family move to Aireyholme farm near the village of Great Ayton where James' father becomes bailiff. He is employed by Thomas Skottowe of Ayton Hall who owns extensive estates in the area.






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