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Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas grew up in Davison, Michigan. When he was little, he watched the USA play the Soviets in the Miracle on Ice game and that is when he began to dream about playing hockey in the Olympics. Tim Thomas went to the University of Vermont. He played hockey all four years and holds the records for the most wins, saves and minutes played in a game. He was College Hockey All American and also got the goal tender of the year award in 1996. Tim Thomas is married and has three daughters. During the offseason he runs a hockey camp for goal tenders and skaters.Tim Thomas likes hunting and one time he was chased up a tree by a 300 pound black bear. After the Bruins won the Stanley cup, Tim was the only player not to go meet the President at the White House. He believes the government has gotten out of control.


1974 - Born in Flint, Michigan1993-97 - Played hockey at the University of Vermont2000 - Daughter, Kiley was born2005 - Daughter Kelsey was born2006 - Daughter Keegan was born2011 - Tim Thomas Foundation

* A four time member of the USA World Championship team* In 2010 played in the Olympics and won Silver* Won the Vezina Trophy twice* Four time NHL All Star* In 2011 won the Stanley Cup

Lasting Impact

Tim Thomas is a great hockey player and he is a good role model for young players. In order to help those that want to play hockey and maybe can't afford it, he set up the Tim Thomas Foundation.


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