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A NASA spinoff-technology is something that NASA used for astronauts that went in space. The objects were then adapted to an everyday object, such as baby food, No-scratch sunglasses and memory foam.

What is aSpinoff Technology?

Water Purfication SystemA water purification system is a system that cleans out water and transports it to the sinks. This system helps us because now we have clean water to use and to drink. NASA invented water purfication system because so you can drink healthy water and not bad water.

Solar panelsSolar energy is energy produced by the sun. Solar panels allow light to come in through the panels and form elecricity. Soalr panels help us because you can earn credits and pay less on electricity since the sun will be available for billions of years.NASA invented solar panels because they wanted to power satelites in space.

Smoke DetectorsA smoke detector is a device that senses smoke. Smoke detectors help us know when fires happen and this can keep us safe. When a smoke detector sences smike in the air, it sends a signal that directs the detector to beep. NASA invented smoke detactors because so if astronauts were out in space and there was a fire and they didnt know the smoke alarm would alatm you.

Our team A.G.A.N has invented a machine that can suck out the oil from oil spills in the ocean. Our device will transport the oil to a filter that will then filter out the oil. His name is Tim-ithy. You may ask "Well, what about the fish and ocean life?'' Tim-ithy has a thin and tiny tube that the liquids can go through, but there is not enough space for the fish and ocean life to go through. There is also a pollution filter that collects the garbage from the middle of the ocean so there is not a hazard for animals. In both cases, clean water is returned to the ocean.


About the Tim-ithy

water that has been mixed with oil

The water filtered by our filter (we took out the oil)

Created By:agan1-agan2-agan3-agan4Grade: 5#NASASpinoff#OPSPARC2017

How this spinoff helps our world?Have you ever relaxed at a beach before, or gotten a tan by the ocean? Have you noticed that there is a lifegaurd at most beaches? At oil spills the shore is flooded by oil. Then there is no tanning or having fun at the beach. Children need vitamin D almost everyday. Also, this is important to lifgaurds wich in that day won't get payed. What if the lifgaurd's family wasn't wilthy or couldn't pay off thier house? Tim-ithy will solve that problem. At the beach when an oil spill happens our Tim-ithy can suck up the oily water from the shore where children have fun and filter out the water. the Tim-ithy can also be worn as a backpack so you don't have to hold it.


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