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tim cahill

Voluntary work beyond paid employmentTim Cahill has put himself into several different things like the Foxtel all-stars football academy the Cahill clinic and he goes around Australia and picks 10 kids from each state to train with him for free.

A brief introductionTim Cahill is a professional football player and has played in the Australian team for the World Cup team. In 2004 he was transferred to Everton for a fee of 1.5 million

Demonstrated leadership, innovation and creativityTim Cahill is a great role model for millions and shows outstanding sportsmanship on and off the field he is a great leader and encourages all kids to play soccer and have self-belief

Personal achievmantsTim Cahill Made it into Everton and into New York Red bulls and into the Australian World Cup team. Ambassador for Unicef . Has represented Australia in the world cup three times and the Asian cup twice.Tim Cahill is one of Australia’s star player in the Australian football team for the world cup.

Tim Cahill is even a Unicef ambassador and helps kids to get a education

Tim Cahill

Contribution in the relevant fieldTim Cahill uses his profile to increase awareness of children's cancer as he raises money to support the work of Cancer Council Australia's leading cancer charity. Tim Cahill is also an ambassador for the Unicef day for change

Here are some of Tim cahill's best goals


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