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Tim Burton

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton

Beetle Juice

Edward Scissorhands

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Big Fish

Tim Burton has a very distinct style that is filled with German Expressionism. In almost everyone of his movies he has a couple of different things to look for. The most obvious one is the twitchy outcast that appears in every film. Also there is always a young rebellious girl, for example Alice in Alice in Wonderland. All of the parent figures in his films are extremely kind and want to help everyone. A major theme that comes forward is “Never trust a smiling face.” In a few of his movies you can find the same actors because he like to overlap them. He relies mostly on German expressionism to show a strong difference between his outcasts and the rest of the world.

By: Sami Flattum

Filmography:1.Edward Scissor Hands:1990 Johnny Depp2.The Nightmare Before Christmas:1993 Chris Sarandon3.Beetle Juice:1988 Michael Keaton4.Big Fish:2003 Ewan Mcgregor


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