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Tim Burton art

Emily from "corp bride"

Tim buton later after his big success with his first major film, whent on to produce and direct many other movies, that include two more stop motion produtions: Corps bride and james and the giant peach.

tim burton's first major motion picture had been the night mare befor Christmas, befor that he had smaller similer styles of movie animation but while he worked at Walt Disney animation departmen but what later "let go" for his dark art work.

Tim Burton

Tim burtons first drawings of the nightmare befor christmas

pet cemetary

my first reall attempt at drawing with tims style

born in 1958, in burbank californa, and now lives in london england with girlfriend and 3 children

during Tims life time, the veitnam war happend, the cold war, the breakdown of the burlin wall, and the start of the new age of electronic inventions.


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