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Diet* The tigers favorite food is deer and tasty wild boar* Tigers can eat 88 pounds at one time*Tigers eat a range of food like:moose, pigs, cows, horses, buffalo, goat, and elaphants

Habitat*They are located in Russia far east and Asia*The size of the territory depends on the prey flow* If there isn't a lot of meat they may consum rodents, small birds, insects, and more

Behavior*Tigers can survive in many different climates*Tigers eat a lot of food to survive*Unlike most cats, tiger love to swim*Swimming can also help them caught fish and duck that can be breakfast, luch, dinner, and scack

Apprence*The tiger is the largest cat in the world* A tiger can wiegh 200 to 600 pounds*They are vertabrates* The level of pigment closly relates to the color of the furThey are mammles which means they have fur on their backs

Endangerment*Tigers are in captivaty*The people that hunt tigers are called poachers*A centry ago there was 100,00*Today there is only 2,000

Hunting*Tigers follow their prey in hot rain forest and snowy mountains*They can kill an animal with one powerful bite*Tigers relay on thier sense of sight and hearing

TigersBy: Hannah Duke

Mothering/Babies*A mother tiger is pregnate for 3.5 mounths* A littler is usally 3 to 4 cubs*The mother creats a safe den for the cubs*The cubs leave his/her mother at about 2


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