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Despite widespread use of smartphones and other mobile devices among healthcare providers, 90% of hospitals still use pagers and overpay by 45% to maintain legacy-paging services. Disadvantages: ✓ Lack of 2-way communication: One-way paging doesn’t give recipients full context, nor the option to ask questions or provide feedback, resulting in delayed patient care.✓ Inconvenience of carrying and managing more than one device.✓ Single network operation (Landi, 2016).

✓Secure Messaging – encrypted messaging solution ✓Priority Messaging – Send high-priority messages ✓Auto Forward – Messages forward when you are not on call or out of the office✓Group collaborations ✓Delivery Confirmation – Know when messages have been sent, delivered, and read. ✓Message Lifespan – message will automatically be deleted. ✓Message Recall – Recall a message and attachments before or after it has been sent. ✓Secure Attachments – Securely attach photos, voice note or PDFs

The Solution

Barriers to implementation

✓ Perceived high cots.✓ Security risks ✓ Outdated devices.✓ Outdated directory

Functional Requirements

(Landi, 2016).

In which level of the Diffusion of Innovation Theory are we?

Late Majority - Skeptical of change, and will only adopt an innovation after it has been tried by the majority. Strategies to appeal to this population include information on how many other people have tried the innovation and have adopted it successfully.Laggards- Bound by tradition and very conservative. Skeptical of change and are the hardest group to bring on board. Strategies to appeal to this population include statistics, fear appeals, and pressure from people in the other adopter groups (LaMorte, 2016).

Innovators - First to try the innovation, adventurous.Early Adopters - Opinion leaders, embrace change. Early Majority - Adopt new ideas before the average person, but need to see evidence that the innovation works..


Pilot Study To evaluate feasibility for TigerConnect implementation at the UHealth Tower (Thabane et al., 2010)

✓Process: Trained (expert) group on site, will assist with application downloading and utilization.✓ Resources: 60 days study using BYOD strategy.✓ Management: Starting and finish time will be automatically recorded via linkage to current EHR.

Planning ImplementationPhase-1: Pilot study in fast pace areas ED and other dependent areas (radiology, lab, transport [60 days].Phase-2: Expand to other fast pace areas such as IR, CL, OR, and ambulatory services [60 days]Phase-3: Incorporation of inpatient areas [30 days].

StakeholdersUsing a smartphone with the TigerConnect app would replace the usage of pagers into a single device (Ventola, 2014). The end users will be healthcare workers, which will include1. Physicians,2. Nurses, and3. Healthcare technicians.

TigerConnect Workflow


Organization DescriptionName: UMHC- UHealth TowerHospital type: Acute Care Hospital/ Teaching facility.Ownership type: Voluntary non-profit- PrivateProvide E.D. services: YesParticipates in : Cardiac surgery, nursing care, and stroke care.Beds: 560Employees: 1900 Daily average inpatient census: 405Communication among providers: Pager system and patient’s notes dictated into EHR.Communication between providers-nurses and other staff members: Pager system.(University of Miami Hospital, n.d.)

(TigerConnect, n.d)

AuthorsLuis Gonzalez Monicea Haynes Lisset Oliva

ReferencesLamorte, W. (2016). Diffusion of innovation theory. Retrieved from http://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/MPH-Modules/SB/BehavioralChangeTheories/BehavioralChangeTheories4.html Landi, H. (2017). Study: 90 percent of hospitals still use pagers and overpay to maintain legacy technology. Healthcare Informatics. Retrieved from https://www.healthcare-informatics.com/news-item/study-90-percent-hospitals-still-use-pagers-and-overpay-maintain-legacy-technology  Thabane, L, Ma, J., Chu, R., Cheng, J., Ismaila, A., Rios, L. P…Goldsmith, C. H. (2010). A tutorial on pilot studies: the what, why and how. BMC Medical Research Methology. doi: https://doi.org/10.1186/1471-2288-10-1 TigerConnect. (n.d.). TiggerConnect for healthcare. Retrieved from https://pages.tigertext.com/google-adwords-brand-contact-us-lp-a-1217.html?refer=Google+AdWords&utm_term=term&_bt=258687487407&_bk=tigerconnect&_bm=e&_bn=g University of Miami Hospital. (n.d.). About us: UHealth Tower- University of Miami Hospital. Retrieved from http://www.umiamihospital.com/about Ventola, C. L. (2014). Mobile devices and apps for health care professionals: Uses and benefits. Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 39(5), 356–364.











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