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Tigers can reach up to 3.3 metres(11feet) in length and weigh as much as 300 kilograms(660 pounds).

Tigers are the biggest of the cat species.

A group of tigers is known as an 'ambush' or 'streak'.Tigers usually hunt alone at night.

Tigers are good swimmers and can swim up to 6 kilometres.

Many subspecies of the tiger are either endangered or already extinct.Humans are the primary cause of this through hunting and destruction of habitats.

About half of tiger cubs don't live beyond two years of age.

Tiger cubs leave their mother when they are 2 years old.

Rare white tigers carry a gene that is only present in around 1 in every 10000 tigers.

Tigers have been known to reach speeds up to 65 kph (40 mph).

Less than 10% of hunts end successfully for tigers.Tigers can easily jump 5 metres in length.

Various tiger subspecies are the national animals of Bangladesh,India, North Korea,South Korea and Malaysia.

A tiger retracts its claws as it walks,leaving no claw marks in its tracks.

A tigers roar can be heard as far as 3km(2 miles)away.




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