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The TigerBy:Sierra Rodrigues

FACTS: ~Often one of the cubs dies shortly after birth~Skeletons of the lions and the tigers are so alike that, without the skin it is almost imposible to tell them apart~Tiger canine teeth are about 4 inches long ~The oldest known tiger lived to twenty-six years in a zoo~The rarest tiger is the small south China tiger(only about 30 left in the world)

Height/WeightHeight:The tiger is 6 feet long with a 3 foot long tail.Weight:The tiger weighs up to 720 pounds

Diet/What it eatsTigers are carnivores. They eats things such as wild pigs, deer, large hoofed mammals. Tigers eat about 11 pounds of meat a night.

This is a map of where tigers live

HabitatTigers live in an array of places such as tropical rainforests, mangove swamps, evergreen forests, grasslands, savannahs, and rocky areas.

EnemiesThe tigers enemies are humans, large buffaloes, elephants, and bears.

Adaptations~The tigers striped coat helps it blend in~A tiger can climb a tree with its sharp claws or teeth~Sharp teeth used for tearing meat, and they have sharp claws to rip apart its pray

Features~Tigers are the largest cats in the world~Tigers eyes are often described as being the brightest of any animal

This is a video of tigers


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