Tiger Sharks

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Tiger Sharks

Tiger Sharks

All tiger sharks can be found close o the coast of tropical and subtropical water throughout the world. Tiger Sharks dwell in the waters of Japan Australia South Africa and the Mediteranean.They can also be in the east coast of north and south america.

An tiger shark is a spcies of regiuem sharks and only members of the genus Galeocedo.Tiger Sharks first colors were black and white was used as an accent color,but is also consideed to be an official color.

A tiger sharks diet food to eat on it diet is crustaceans, fish,seals,birds,squid,turtles, and dolphins.

All tiger Sharks stay closest to the equator for the cold months.

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Tiger Sharks are soilatary creauters.Tiger Sharks are known to be one of the largest species of sharks. They can grow to 5.5 meters, 18 feet and they weigh over 900kg (2,000 pounds)

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Tiger Shark eat it pray

Two Tiger Sharks

Tiger Shark eating fish


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