Tiger Mountain Forest

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Tiger Mountain Forest

Tiger Mountain State Forest

Fire: Fire will burn down the trees, causing destruction of burrows and homes, killing animals.Pollution: Too much pollution will kill the animals and plants.Hurricanes and Strong Winds: Hurricanes can knock over trees, causing other trees to be knocked over and animals to be killed in the process.

Tempurature: -40 degrees to -20 degrees CelciusPrecipitation:-An average of 300 milimeters of rain per year.-Some temperate Coniferous Forests get up to 2,000 milimeters of rain per year.-Northern forests winters are long, cold, and dry and summers are pretty warm and moist.-Southern forests are an even temprature in the year.

Climate & Weather

Threats toWildlife

Vole: A vole makes tunnels in the earth to hide from predators and to keep warm.Wolf: A wolf's fur is specially designed to keep out moisture so it doesn't get too cold.Snowshoe Rabbit: This rabbit changes its fur throughout the seasons, so that in the winter, it can keep warm and blend into the snow to keep away from predators.

Adaptations of Animals

Plants in the Coniferous Forest1) Saskatoon Berry2) Nootka Rose3) Thimbleberry

Animals of the Coniferous Forest1) Eagle2) Wolf3) Lynx4) Vole5) Owl6) Chipmunk7) Elk8) Brown Bear9)Raccoon


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