Tiger Farms

by sufmt48yp
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Social Studies

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Tiger Farms

ObserveConservationists believe that tiger farms will never help wild tiger populations.

Tiger Farms

Wonder How the tigers would feel while staying in these horrible farms?

WonderWhy won't tiger farms help all of the tiger populations?

WonderWhy would people go to tiger farms where tigers are being harmed?

WonderWho would want to see tigers in the destroyful tiger farms?

InferThe tigers would feel bored being left in cages, also they would be cold.

InferAll people must think that it is very cruel, to keep the these animals in cages. It's really harmful that tigers live in this mess just to be killed for chinese medicine.

InferWhat the people do is breed the animals until they die, but also they won't have that much of a happy life.

InferTigers will not be able to act and surive in their natural habitat.

InferAll poeple should be so depresseed to see these animals in danger its sad!

InferI strongly believe tiger farms should be banned for every reason that effects tigers in an awful way!



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