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Tidal Energy

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What is it?Tidal energy is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of the tides into electricity or other useful forms of power

Advantages•inexhaustible source of energy •environmentally friendly/no greenhouse emissions•rise and fall of tides is predictable, because they follow a cycle•better efficiency than coal, solar and wind energy. 80% efficiency •construction cost of tidal power if high, but maintenance costs are low•no fuel required •tidal energy power plants last very long 75-100 years

La Rance Barrage France - world's first tidal power station- oppened in 1966 - peak power 240 mega watts - total of 24 turbines - 600 giga watts yearly - electricity costs lower than that od a nuclear power generator - reduced population of Sand Eels and Plaice - abundance of fish, birds and other wild life - Sea Bass and Cuttle fish have returned to rivers- facility attracts 70,000 visitors anually

Countries where Tidal Energy is found: Canada United Kingdom IndiaKoreaUSJapanChileFrance China Australia

Countries where Tidal Energy is found: Canada United Kingdom IndiaKoreaUSJapanChileFrance China Australia ragrap

Disadvantages •Cost of construction of tidal power plant is high.•There are very few ideal locations for construction of plant and they too are localized to coastal regions only.•Intensity of sea waves is unpredictable and there can be damage to power generation units.•Influences aquatic life adversely and can disrupt migration of fish.•The actual generation is for a short period of time. The tides only happen twice a day so electricity can be produced only for that time.•Frozen sea, low or weak tides, straight shorelines, low tidal rise or fall are some of the obstructions.•This technology is still not cost effective and more technological advancements are required to make it commercially viable.•Usually the places where tidal energy is produced are far away from the places where it is consumed. This transmission is expensive and difficult.Tidal Energy is thus a clean source of energy and doesn’t require much land or other resources as in harnessing energy from other sources. However, the energy generated is not much as high and low tides occur only twice a day and continuous energy production is not possible.

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Tidal Energy

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La Rance Barrage, France



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