Tiana Tran: The Brighter World

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Tiana Tran: The Brighter World

Brighter World

1. Robot Boat: The Brighter World boats need to sail out of the sea by itself. 2. Turbines: The Brighter World’s boats need to be able to spay/​shoot sea water out of the air to accomplish the invention. 3. Clouds: Once the Brighter World shoots/​sprays the sea water out, the clouds need to evaporate the water and forms clouds. 4. Ocean: The Brighter World needs to be able to suck up ocean water to add more clouds in to the sky. 5. Particles: How the inventors know that the machine works is by having airplanes measure to see how many water particles were evaporated.

Problem: The sun melts the polar ice caps which forms global warming.Solution: The Brighter World machine will cool the earth by forming more clouds in the sky reducing the sun's heat, preventing global warming.

It is important to understand global warming so that we can save the planet before it melts. One reason why is because the polar ice caps are breaking more than before which is important since the ice makes drinking water, after it has been purified. Second, with global warming, places on earth are now getting hotter or colder, which effects the climate. Third, global warming is making the world have more carbon dioxide in the air. It is important that we solve this issue because plants and trees breath in the air and give us oxygen, but with the carbon the plants and trees will die and we will die. Fourth, global warming is helping green house effect which makes the "temperature rise because the sun's heat and light is trapped in the earth's atmosphere." Fifth, global warming is effecting the trees and plants by killing them with all the carbon dioxide. Six, the massive ice sheet is melting in Greenland, which is not good for the people who are living there. Seven, the global warming is making sea levels rise which changes "the amount and pattern of precipitation." Eight, global warming has made species extinct which is important to know. Nine, the Artic is said to be the strongest in warming. Tenth and lastly, with global warming the earth is getting worse if we help change this planet we will all be safe again.

The Brighter World machine is a robot boat that sprays ocean mist in to the sky forming clouds that block the sun. How this works is… the turbines on the ship sucks up some of the ocean water and then sprays out the water. I am not very sure how it works, but my educational guess is that it sucks up the water from the ocean, spins the water, which turns the water into a mist, while shooting the mist into the sky. Eventually, the mist in the air will absorb, and turn into clouds. After, there are more clouds in the sky , it will cool the planet when the sun comes out. As I was watching the Brighter World video I saw that this machine worked. How “Brighter World” works was by… they send people into airplanes testing to see if the water particles were absorbed. In the video Mrs. Smith showed us the robot boats would sail out themselves and spray the ocean water, which I thought was pretty interesting. Although, this “robot boat” sounds good, don’t you need to use gas (fossil fuels) to operate the ship? With this invention there will soon be a better planet and less global warming.


Describe Machine

Design Specifications

Design Brief

Hypothetical Test1. Robot Boat:The robot boat can sail to the sea by itself.Pass: The robot boat sails to sea by itself completing its task.2. Turbines:The turbines spin/​shoots the water in to the sky.Pass: The turbines spin/​shoots the ocean water into the sky.3. Clouds: The water gets evaporated in the sky forming clouds.Pass: The sky forms clouds in the spot it got shot/​spins water in.4. Ocean:The ocean water has to be able to pump the water into the ship.Pass: The ocean water gets pumped into the ship.5. Ocean Particles:The ocean particles get evaporated into the sky.Pass: The airplanes measure how many particles got evaporated.

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