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tiago rizzo

Vincent Van Gogh

In this painting there are stars. It is a night time scene in the city.In the background I see buildings, in the foreground I see people. In my opinion it is very good.

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853, in Netherlands. He had many jobs, in an art gallery as a teacher.Around 1880 he became a full time artist.In 1885 Vincent discovered japanese art and bright colours. In 1886 he went to Paris and met other artits like Paul Gauguin and Herni de Tolouse Lautrec. Impressionist artists used rich colours and a special techniques, pointillism. One of his most famous painting is Starry Night, painted in 1889.In 1890 he died was 37 years old.

Van Gogh painted this self portrait in 1889. He has got ginger hair, blue eyes, long nose, a long moustache, an orange beard, orange eyelashes and eyebrows, small mouth and an oval shaped face.He is wearing a blue coat and white shirt.


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