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Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall was born on July 2, 1908 as the grandson of a slave. Thurgood graduated from the rule of law high school in 1925. In 1930 Thurgood was accepted into Howard University and later that year he became friends with the dean who tried to get students to believe in equality. After university Thurgood became a judge, and his first major court case was in 1933 he sued the University of Maryland to let an African American student attend. Later on in his life he become chief consul of the NAACP. Then two of his big accomplishes happened in 1965 he was solicitor general and then in 1967 he was put on the United States Supreme Court. While on the Supreme Court he won 14 out of 19 cases he argued and tried to enforce freedom of speech the best he could. The rest of Thurgood Marshall was spent on the Supreme Court before he died in January 24, 1993 at the age of 83.


1908 - Thurgood Marshall was born1933 - He got his first major court case1967- Thurgood became a Supreme Court member

Thurgood Marshall accomplished many things in his life time.1. He was chief counsel of the NAACP (National Advancement for Colored People).2. In 1954 he was appointed onto the court of appeals.3. He wrote 150 decisions for civil rights cases.4. In 1965 he was the first black solicitor general.5. His most important goal was in 1967 when he was put on the Supreme Court.

Lasting Impact

Thurgood Marshall has affected the world today by ending Jim Crow laws and being the first black Supreme Court member.


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The Life Of Thurgood marshall



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