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Earth Sciences

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Severe Thunderstorms


Severe Thunderstorms usally occur during the spring and summer. Some thunderstorms occur single, in clusters, or in a line. The most severe thunderstorms occur when a single storm effects one location for a long time.

About 10 percent of thunderstorms are classified as severe storms. All Hurricanes and Tornadoes are known as severe thunderstroms. Even storms that produce Hail and High winds are severe thunderstorms.

Lightning often strikes outside of heavy rain storms, many occur 10 miles away from any rainfall.Heat Lightning is lightning from a storm too far away for thunder to be heard.

Always be prepared for a thundertstrom have a plan ready for your familey even when your not at home mabe at work a friends house or on vacation (If thunder roars, go indoors).

what make's a thunderstorm severe is it has to have lightning, heavy rain & winds that are 58mph or hail at least 1 inche in diameter.

In 2010 there was 29 fatalities and 182 injuries all from lightning. images


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