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Weather and Climate

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Thunderstormsby Shanen Zimmmermann

When and WhereThunderstorms are most likely to occur in spring and summer months and during the afternoon and evening. The greatest severe weather threat in the United States extends from Texas to Southern Minnesota.

How it formsIt forms when there’s moisture to form the clouds and rain, unstable air, and lift. The sun heats the surface air to rise. It will continue to rise until the water vapor it contains cools, then forming the thunderstorm cloud.

DefintionA thunderstorm is a rain shower with lightning and thunder. Since thunder comes from lightning, all storms have lightning.

PredictionScientists use weather radars because it can detect rain and severe weather even when cloudy or dark. But it is impossible to forecast individual strikes since lightning is so widespread. Forecasters can and do forecast the likelihood intense lightning activity.

Forked Lightning

MeasurementScientists have thunderstorms classified into different types. There are multi-cell thunderstorms, single-cell thunderstorms and more.

ItemsHave water (1 gallon per person per day), food (can opener too), and first aid kit, flash light, plenty of batteries, sleeping bags, clothing and some tools.

DangerLightning can cause fires and cause flash flooding from rainfall killing more people each year than hurricanes. Strong (Up to more than 120mph) winds associated with thunderstorms knock down trees, power-lines and mobile homes.

Supercell thunder storm

losing powerA large amount of the thunderstorms energy comes from the condensation process that forms the thunderstorm clouds. As the thunderstorm progresses, eventually the rain cools the entire process down and the energy is gone.

Homes destroyed by thunderstorm

SafetyThere is no place outside that is safe in a thunderstorm. Lightning is already close enough to strike you if you are outside. Go inside a sturdy building and avoid water.

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FactsThere are different types of lightning, such as forked lightning, ball lightning, and more. Though all types are dangerous, cloud-to-ground lightning is the most dangerous type of lightning.


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