[2015] Virginia Ho (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 4): Thunder Bay, Ontario

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[2015] Virginia Ho (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 4): Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Recreational Activities

Special Tourism

Thunder Bay's Kite Festival

Kakabeka Falls

Hillcrest Park

Terry fox memorial and lookout

Thunder Bay's Museum!

Thunder Bay's Art Gallery!

You should visit...

You can go swimming in outdoor pools, splash pads and beaches!

Golf at Golf Thunder Bay!

There are many fun festivals and events in Thunder Bay!

The Rib Fest that happens every summer!

Check out the the Folklore Festival, where people from different cultures come together!

This breath-taking, 9 foot high statue is a memory of Terry Fox

Kkakabeka Falls is 40 metres high with some of the oldest fossils in the world! It's great to ski and hike there!

Hillcrest Park is a great place to see the finest scenic of the city.

The museum is the best place to learn and see Thunder Bay in the eariler years!

If you're into art, visit Thunder Bay's Art Gallery! There are beautiful artwork by Canadian First Nations artists.


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    This glog is very organized and easy to follow. The images are great. I'm a little confused by the pool/beach comment next to people jumping into a lake. A short sentence about each site would help the reader know what it's all about. What kinds of festivals are held in Thunder Bay? Name some.
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