[2015] brandon jackson (WCS World History): Thucydides

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[2015] brandon jackson (WCS World History): Thucydides

Greek Historian

LifeLittle is known about Thucydides’ life apart from the few biographical references in his masterwork. His father’s name was Olorus, and his family was from Thrace in northeastern Greece, where Thucydides owned gold mines that likely financed his historical work. He was born in the Athenian suburb of Halimos and was in Athens during the plague of c.430 B.C., a year after the war began.

“beginning at the moment that it broke out, and believing that it would be a great war and more worthy of relation than any that had preceded it.” At the time, Athens was a great sea power with a democratic political system and innovative leadership that made it a formidable force. Sparta, located in the Peloponnese (the southern peninsula of mainland Greece), was most powerful as a land force. It was the Spartans that led the first, preemptive attack in 430.The initial 10 years of the conflict saw annual Spartan land raids countered by Athenian sea attacks. In 422, Both general Cleon and the Spartan general Brasidas died in the battle, for Amphipolis pushing the war-weary sides to negotiate a treaty.

history of the pelopennisian war

LegacyIt took several generations for Thucydides to attain his rightful place as one of the greatest historians of all time. Aristotle, who lived a few decades later and wrote about the same era, never mentions him. By the first century B.C. writers such as Cicero declared him as a great historian. Over the next centuries, numerous copies were made of the work, Political philosophers from Thomas Hobbes to Friedrich Nietzsche extolled Thucydides’ clear vision and realist’s grasp of politics and warfare.


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