[2015] Nicole Spengler: Through my eyes

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[2015] Nicole Spengler: Through my eyes

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Through My EyesBy: Ruby Bridges

Quote:Ruby was special. I wanted her to have a good education so she could get a good job when she grew up. But Ruby's father thought his child shouldn't go where she wasn't wanted.There were things I didn't understand. I didn't know Ruby would be the only black girl in the school. I didn't know how bad things would get. I remember being afraid on the first day Ruby went to the Frantz school, when I came home and turned on the T.V. set and I realized that, at that moment, the whole world was watching my baby and talking about her. At that moment, I was most afraid of all. -Lucille Bridges

Main Idea:Ruby was the first negro kid to enter an all white school.

Quote:Nothing can be more moving than watching a little black child climbing the steps to her elementary school that historically and legally did not welcome her presence. Ruby Bridges had been called by her country to perform an act of profound bravery-to become the black child in an all-white school. -Unknown

When Ruby was in kindergarten the city board started testing black kindergarteners. They wanted to find out which children would be sent to white schools. Ruby took the test. Several people from the NAACP came to Ruby's house. They said Ruby was 1 out of 5 to pass the test and that Ruby would be going to Frantz school for whites.

When Ruby was born: September 8, 1954

Ruby walking home from school

Ruby's teacher(Mrs. Henry)

Ruby's Mother

Everyday in morning and afternoon of school gathered protesters because Ruby was coming to the all white school.

Ruby and Mrs. Henry in classroom


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