Thriller film - locations plan

by amygarrod
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Thriller film - locations plan

The Living room - Scene 4


We have chose to set this scene in a ver normal enviroment. This well help the audience identofy with the characters as it will be an every day surrounding they are familiar with. It will also trick them into a false sense pf security, which can then be easily contrasted.

Freddies room - Scene 1 ' 3

This is Freddies bedroom (a room in my house). We have chose this as a location as it is a typical teenage boys room. This wil again allow the audience to identoify with him, and therefore sympathise with him even though he is bad.

This is the location where Freddie will turn up at the house and pull out the gun. This has a very eerie feel to it as it is very dark. This fits in with thriller films as they use darkness to create mystery and suspense. However although it is errie, it is also a very normal house, and allows the aduience to indentity with the characters.

The hallway and door - Scene 5

All of our locations have a very normal feel to them. From watching thriller movies and past student work this seems to be a theme through them all. It will make the opening seem a lot more realistic and therefore the audience will become engaged due to them identifying with what seem to be normal characters.



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