Three States of Water

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Cycles & Processes

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Three States of Water

Water in Earth's System- water changes states (solid, liquid, gas)- water cycle is effected by the clouds- water forms precipitation and different sky conditions

Three States of Water:Liquid, Gas, Solid

Common Misconception: The particles are moving freely away from one another.

Liquid- no fixed shape or size, has a fixed volumeGas- no particluar size, shape, or volume, particles do not stick togetherSolid- fixed size and shape, molecules are bound tightly together* Water can change from a liquid to a solid when water freezes (at 32 degrees or lower)*Water becomes a gas during the process of evaporation (when liquid is heated-happens at 212 degrees)*Water can become a liquid during condesation or melting. *Examples of solids are metals, gemstones, bones, and plastic

How to learn about the different states of matter in water!

Play a Game: Change the States of Water!

Correct Explanation:Liquid has a fixed volume and the particles are not moving freely. This can be shown to students through diagrams.

How water moves between the ocean and other bodies of water, the land and the air.* Sun causes water to evaporate from the ocean, lakes, and other bodies of water. * Evaporated water vapor forms clouds.* In the clouds, water droplets condense and eventually fall back to earth as rain or snow (precipitation). * Precipitation collects in bodies of water, and the cycle starts again with evaporation

The Water Cycle

Common Misconception:Water falls from the sky, it comes from a reservoir provided by God. He just drops the water down.

Explanation:The water falls from the clouds. The clouds are formed from evaporation from the Earth. Once the clouds are formed, they experience condensation to produce precipitation.

Great video on the Water Cycle

Excellent Interactive Video and Questions


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